Xiaomi preheats the new Redmi MAX series of TVs

Redmi officially announced that the K50 flagship series has been finalized, and the new phone will be released at 19:00 on March 17th. According to Lu Weibing, the Redmi brand will be upgraded in 2022 across the board. At Redmi's most important annual conference on March 17, not only the K50 series but also the whole line of blockbuster products will usher in an annual update.

Xiaomi announced new laptops and TVs today. Among them, the RedmiBook Pro 2022 will be equipped with 12th-generation Core chips, and the Redmi Max TV will usher in the "biggest update in history". So far, the new product lineup for the day after tomorrow has been basically confirmed.

Weibo digital blogger @Digital Chat Station previously revealed that in addition to the new K50 series, Redmi’s new products to be released include the RedmiBook Pro 2022 notebook with the 12th-generation Core i7-12650H, 100-inch giant-screen TV Redmi Max 100", entry-level RedmiBook Pro 2022 Headphones Redmi Buds4 Pro.

If nothing else, Xiaomi will launch a 100-inch giant-screen TV "Redmi Max 100".

Xiaomi Redmi previously launched the Redmi MAX 98-inch and Redmi MAX 86-inch large-screen TVs, starting at 7,999 yuan.

The Redmi MAX 86-inch smart TV is equipped with an 86-inch 120Hz high-brush full screen, with a screen ratio of 97.25%, supports 120Hz MEMC hardware-level motion compensation, the screen is adjusted one by one, and is equipped with a multi-partition backlight system. At the same time, the Redmi MAX 86-inch is equipped with an HDMI 2.1 interface, which supports dual scenes of TV and office.

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