Zhongwei Company: The research and development of high-end processes is progressing smoothly

In an institutional survey, Zhongwei said that the company will make good progress in market expansion, product development, and financial performance in 2021. Among them, the acceptance and sales of the company's products in key customer markets have steadily increased, and the research and development of high-end processes are progressing smoothly. The company's new orders increased by 90.5% year-on-year to 4.13 billion yuan, of which etching products are the main products.

It is reported that China Micro's operating income in 2021 will be 3.108 billion yuan, of which etching equipment revenue will be 2.004 billion yuan, accounting for about 64.48% of the revenue; MOCVD equipment revenue will be 503 million yuan, accounting for about 16.18% of the revenue.

Regarding product delivery, China Micro said that the company scientifically manages suppliers and that the company's semiconductor etching products and MOCVD equipment will be delivered on time in 2021. The company's current etching equipment delivery time has been extended compared with the past.

Zhongwei said that the company has now formed a team to develop LPCVD equipment and EPI equipment, and the research and development progress is progressing as planned.

The large increase in the gross profit margin of MOCVD is mainly due to the new product model Prismo UniMax™, which is mainly designed for Mini-LED. The performance and complexity have improved a lot, providing more value to users, so the gross profit margin has increased significantly.

In terms of Mini-LED market prospects, China Micro Company pointed out that Mini-LED has attracted much attention as an emerging technology. Mini-LED has the advantages of high brightness, precise dynamic response, and high contrast, which can significantly improve the display quality. Since 2021, Mini-LED has achieved good application in the field of TVs. In the fields of monitors, notebooks, tablets, etc., Mini-LED products have also been born and started to be shipped in batches. It is expected that the sales of the company's MOCVD equipment will also be dominated by Mini Led (backlight field) and Micro LED (direct display field) equipment in the future.

Regarding the construction tension of the Nanchang base and Lingang base, China Micro said that the construction progress of the company's Nanchang base and Lingang base is proceeding normally according to the company's established plan. Among them, the main roads in the Nanchang base have been completed, and the buildings of all major units have been capped. The Lingang Industrialization Base will hold a groundbreaking ceremony on June 20, 2021. The planned total construction area is about 180,000 square meters and has now been capped.

Regarding the general situation of the etching equipment for the advanced process, the company said that the company actively pays attention to the expansion plan of the downstream market and strives to strive for various possible market opportunities. In the manufacturing of logic integrated circuits, the 12-inch high-end etching equipment developed by the company has been used in advanced chip production lines ranging from 65 nanometers to 5 nanometers for internationally renowned customers; at the same time, according to the needs of advanced integrated circuit manufacturers, the company has developed Nanolithography equipment is used for several key steps of processing and has received volume orders from industry-leading customers.

The company is currently cooperating with customer needs to develop a new generation of etching equipment and etching processes including more advanced Damascus, which can cover more etching requirements below 5nm and more equipment for different key applications. In the manufacturing of 3D NAND chips, the company's capacitive plasma etching equipment can be applied to 64-layer and 128-layer mass production. At the same time, according to the needs of memory manufacturers, the company is developing a new generation that can cover 128-layer and above key etching applications and Corresponding etching equipment and process with an extremely high aspect ratio.

In addition, the company's inductive plasma etching equipment has been mass-produced on the production lines of multiple logic chips and memory chip manufacturers. According to the technical development needs of customers, the technology research and development of next-generation products is being carried out to meet the requirements of logic chips below 5 nanometers. , 1X nanometer DRAM chips and 3D NAND chips with more than 128 layers and other products, and carry out research and development of high-yield ICP etching equipment.

It is understood that at present, some parts and components of Zhongwei's products need to be imported, and the company adopts a multi-vendor strategy to ensure the timely supply of parts and components.

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