Charging accessories brand Belkin: It's too early to talk about true wireless charging

Earlier this week, Israeli startup Wi-Charge revealed its plans to launch a truly wireless charger that does not require a Qi dock. Wi-Charge CEO Ori Mor mentioned that it is working with Belkin, and the product may be released as early as this year.

But Belkin recently expressed the opposite, saying it's "too early" to talk about true wireless charging, according to Ars Technica.

Belkin spokesman Jen Wei said in a statement that the company has been working closely with Wi-Charge on product concepts. However, contrary to what the Wi-Charge CEO said, true wireless chargers could still be years away.

According to Belkin, both companies are committed to researching and developing new technologies to make true wireless charging a reality, but products featuring the technology will not be released until they have undergone numerous tests to confirm their "technical viability." market.

That said, it seems unlikely that Belkin will launch a truly wireless charger this year.

Wi-Charge technology is based on a transmitter that plugs into a wall socket, converting electrical energy into a safe infrared beam, transmitting the electrical energy wirelessly. Devices around this transmitter can receive power within a 12-meter radius, and the power can reach 1W. Although it cannot charge mobile phones, it can be used with accessories such as headphones and remote controls.

Previously, Xiaomi, OPPO, Motorola, and other Chinese mobile phone manufacturers have released the concept of true wireless charging technology, which can realize remote charging.

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