Intel Ruixuan desktop graphics card lineup exposure

Today, the whistleblower "KOMACHI" exposed the lineup of Intel's Sharp desktop graphics card. It is said that Intel expects to have at least 7 Ruixuan desktop graphics cards, including A770 16GB, A770 8GB, A750, A580, A380, A350, and A310. In addition, Intel may also launch an A780 "limited edition" graphics card.

At the end of March, Intel released Ruixuan mobile graphics cards, and at the same time announced that Ruixuan desktop graphics cards will be released this summer. Intel has not yet announced the parameters and specifications of this model, which is expected to be the top version of 32 Xe core + 16GB video memory. This graphics card uses a dual-fan and dual-slot thick design. The front of the graphics card seems to have a "transparent exploration" design, and there is a light-emitting Intel Arc logo on the side.

Intel's now-released Ruixuan A-series mobile graphics cards are based on two GPUs, ACM-G10 and ACM-G11. The former has 32 Xe cores and 32 ray tracing units, while the latter has 8 Xe cores and 8 ray tracing units. unit. The Arc 700 series of mobile discrete graphics are expected to be released at the same time as desktop discrete graphics this summer.

The first Arc 3/5/7 series of mobile graphics cards of the first Ruixuan A-series, a total of 5 models:

  • A350M: 6 Xe cores, 6 ray tracing units, 1150MHz, 4GB video memory
  • A370M: 8 Xe cores, 8 ray tracing units, 1550MHz, 4GB VRAM
  • A550M: 16 Xe cores, 16 ray tracing units, 900MHz, 8GB VRAM
  • A730M: 24 Xe cores, 24 ray tracing units, 1100MHz, 12GB VRAM
  • A770M: 32 Xe cores, 32 ray tracing units, 1650MHz, 16GB VRAM

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