Kaihong Zhigu released education in HongOS distribution

Topway Information and its subsidiary Hunan Kaihong Zhigu Digital Industry Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Kaihong Zhigu") held the Kaihong Zhigu Education in HongOS The release conference, the release version based on OpenAtom OpenHarmony for the education industry (education-specific operating system) - Kaihong Zhigu Education in HongOS release, and the OpenHarmony smart campus solution.

According to reports, based on the OpenHarmony 3.1 Release version, Kaihong Zhigu is committed to providing industry-oriented commercial distributions (industry operating systems) and supporting intelligent services.

Kaihong Zhigu Education is based on the OpenHarmony open-source software version in the HongOS release, adding industry service components and general service components, and supports custom tailoring to adapt to educational hardware devices of different functions, shapes, and sizes.

At the same time, in order to solve the multi-terminal adaptation and access problem in the education industry, Kaihong Zhigu Education has opened 70 terminal device capability Kit interfaces and 94 cloud-side business innovation RESTful interfaces in the HongOS release version to realize the super terminal scenario. Multi-device interaction quickly builds a smart education ecological environment.

Based on the released version of Kaihong Zhigu Education in Hong OS, Topway Information and Kaihong Zhigu released the OpenHarmony smart campus solution for key educational scenarios.

The OpenHarmony smart campus solution adopts the "1+2+N" design idea, with the Kaihong Zhigu Education Zaihong OS release as the core, and connects the smart homework, interactive classroom, Sports health, campus safety, home-school communication, classroom control, and other six major scenarios, through accompanying data collection, multi-application data fusion, personalized data analysis, and multi-role data sharing, to achieve a high degree of intelligent interconnection of equipment, high data sharing, and high personality. An adaptive and highly secure and controllable smart campus solution.

Kaihong Zhigu will officially launch the OpenHarmony educational ecological application development competition in May this year to encourage more developers to participate in the construction of open source projects and jointly prosper the OpenHarmony educational application and service ecosystem.

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