Meng Wanzhou promoted to Huawei's rotating chairman

According to the latest information on Huawei's official website, Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou has now served as Huawei's vice chairman and rotating chairman. 

According to Huawei's official website, Meng Wanzhou graduated from Huazhong University of Science and Technology with a master's degree. Joined Huawei in 1993. He successively served as the company's international accounting director, Huawei Hong Kong company chief financial officer, and president of the accounting management department. The current vice-chairman, rotating chairman, and the company CFO.

Since 2003, Meng Wanzhou has led the establishment of a globally unified organizational structure, process, system, and IT platform for Huawei Finance. From 2007 to 2014, Meng Wanzhou implemented the IFS (Integrated Financial Services) reform in Huawei globally, making refined management one of the genes of Huawei's continuous growth.

In 2014, Meng Wanzhou led Huawei's data transformation, established a comprehensive data management system, and realized "counting out a hole", making data a strategic asset of the company. During the same period, she enabled financial organizations to become business partners and value integrators through reform projects such as financial reporting internal control, consistency of accounts and facts, fund management, and tax management, and supported the company's business to achieve rapid and stable development in the world.

Since 2019, Meng Wanzhou has built an overall blueprint for financial digitalization in line with the company's strategic outlook and long-term development plan. Through risk probes and risk control models, a non-contact risk control system has been established; an agile operation management system has been established to realize intelligent operation management and decision-making based on data and AI algorithms; an integrated financial and operational command platform has been established, based on data transparency and Real-time interaction to achieve coordinated operations and three-dimensional command of key financial operation scenarios.

Huawei's board of directors and the standing committee of the board of directors are chaired by the rotating chairman, who is the company's top leader during the period on duty. The rotation period of Huawei's rotating chairman is six months.

Earlier, Huawei announced on March 31 that according to the company's rotating chairman system, Hu Houkun will be the rotating chairman from April 1, 2022, to September 30, 2022.

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