MSI's new 1300W power supply exposure

International media Wccftech exposed MSI's upcoming 1300W power supply. This power supply adopts Intel's latest ATX 3.0 standard and is equipped with a new 16pin "PCIe 5.0" power supply interface, which has been For the RTX 3090 Ti graphics card, the RTX 40 series will also be used.

According to reports, MSI's new power supplies are called MSI MEG Ai1300 and Ai1000P, the former 1300W and the latter 1000W. As shown in the picture above, this power supply is equipped with a 16pin PCIe 5.0 power supply interface and a new cable. The 16pin interface can provide 600W of power for the graphics card.

This series of power supplies support the  GI (Gaming Intelligence) function, which realizes some intelligent functions through the built-in MPU processor, such as monitoring the percentage of power supplied to the GPU and CPU and the total system power used; the intelligent fan mode can automatically detect the power load and internal temperature to adjust the fan speed.

At present, MSI has not announced the price and release date of this series of power supplies.

ASUS also released a new ROG Thor series power supply with a high power of 1600 W, but it has not announced whether it supports the ATX 3.0 standard, and there is no 16 pin interface on the official picture.

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