Russia's largest semiconductor company Mikron plans to expand production

Russia's largest semiconductor company Mikron is planning to increase its monthly wafer production capacity from the current 3,000 wafers per month to 6,000 wafers per month in 2025, which is expected to cost 10 billion rubles investment.

Mikron plans to source second-hand equipment in the Asian market for the new production line. In addition to Mikron, the Angstrem-T wafer fab after bankruptcy and reorganization is also promoting the construction of production lines. It is expected to be used for 90-130 nanometer process chip manufacturing, with a monthly production capacity of 3,000 8-inch wafers. It is planned to start in 2023. production .


Mikron is Russia's largest chip maker. The manufacturer's predecessor dates back to the founding of the Institute of Molecular Electronics (NIIME) in the former Soviet Union. Mikron is the first company in the former Soviet Union to develop and manufacture numerical and analog integrated circuits that can be used on a large scale and have developed the first domestic process for integrated circuits with oxide insulation.

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