Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 folding screen phone will use LG's battery

Samsung Electronics, which has launched a number of folding screen mobile phones, is preparing the next-generation folding screen mobile phone Galaxy Z Fold 4, which is expected to use LG's new energy batteries.  Samsung Electronics’ mobile business unit is evaluating the use of small pouch batteries produced by LG New Energy in the Galaxy Z Fold 4 folding screen smartphone.

The source also said that if Samsung Electronics reassessed that LG New Energy’s battery could be used in the Galaxy Z Fold 4 folding screen phone and eventually adopted, it would be the battery produced by LG New Energy, which was used for the first time in Samsung Electronics’ folding screen. cell phone.

According to foreign media reports, Samsung Electronics has begun to use batteries produced by LG for Galaxy S and Note series smartphones since 2019. At that time, LG New Energy, which focused on the battery business, had not yet been established and was still the battery business unit of LG Chem.

Although Samsung Electronics' assessment results are not yet clear, sources said that LG New Energy is likely to become a battery supplier for Samsung's folding screen phones next year, and their batteries have been well received by Samsung Electronics' mobile business unit.

However, judging from foreign media reports, in addition to LG New Energy, Samsung Electronics’ folding screen mobile phones are expected to continue to use Samsung’s Samsung SDI batteries, which were the exclusive battery supplier for Samsung’s folding screen mobile phones until last year. In addition to Samsung SDI and LG New Energy, sources revealed that Samsung's future folding screen mobile phones are also expected to use batteries from New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (ATL).

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