SMIC: The total number of employees in the closed loop accounts for more than 60% of Shanghai employees

According to a report by The Paper on April 26, SMIC said that the company began to implement closed-loop management on March 18, realizing the synchronous and integrated closed-loop management of the Zhangjiang plant and the two living parks. The total number of employees in the closed-loop accounted for more than 60% of Shanghai employees. , which effectively guaranteed stable operation during the epidemic.

The current capacity utilization rate remains at a high level. After Shanghai issued the relevant guidelines on resumption of work and production, the company actively sorted out the work of returning employees and went through relevant procedures for employees outside the closed loop.

Not long ago, in response to the question of "whether the Shanghai epidemic has an impact on the company's production and operation", SMIC stated on the interactive platform that the company conscientiously implements the national and local government's decision-making and deployment on epidemic prevention and control. With the support of various government departments and the company's efforts, the company's production and operation are normal.

It is worth mentioning that in order to support the epidemic prevention and anti-epidemic work in Shanghai, the board of directors of SMIC donated RMB 10 million to Shanghai.

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