The new TiPlus 5000 domestic SSD is on sale

A few days ago, YMTC launched a new consumer-grade SSD product, the TiPlus 5000, which uses YMTC’s third-generation 3D flash memory chip based on the Crystal Stack 2.0 architecture, and supports PCIe Gen3x4 interface, and reads sequentially. Speeds up to 3500 MB/s. At 0:00 on April 12th, the TiPlus 5000 was officially launched. The initial price is as follows:

  • The starting price of the 512GB version is 399 yuan
  • The initial price of the 1TB version is 699 yuan
  • The starting price of the 2TB version is 1399 yuan

This SSD uses the Lianyun MAP1202 master control. The main control chip is designed with 22nm process technology and is suitable for PCIe3.0 SSD solutions without heat dissipation vests. According to the official website, MAP1202 is the second-generation PCIe (NVMe) control chip launched by Lianyun Technology. It supports PCIe Gen3x4 NVMe1.4 interface technology standard, adopts ARM R5 high-performance dual-core CPU, and embeds the third-generation Aglie independently developed by Lianyun. ECC (4K LDPC) error correction technology, Agile Zip data compression technology, hardware RAID5 and E2E data protection technology, and equipped with LinkCloud's latest ultra-low power SOC chip architecture design technology and NAND interface high-performance self-adaptive technology (up to up to 1600MT/s).

The TiPlus 5000 1TB model equipped with Lianyun MAP1202 master controller can read up to 3500MB/s sequentially, write up to 3100MB/s in sequence, up to 480k IOPS for random read, and up to 390k IOPS for random write. 600TBW.

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