The world's first DDR5-10004 MHz memory overclocking achieved

The hardware circle has been circulating the words "overclocking to 10GHz, all mankind thank you". Before the CPU frequency reached 10GHz, the MSI team took the lead in overclocking the DDR5 memory to DDR5-10004MHz (MT/s).

Today, MSI said that its OC team used MEG Z690 UNIFY-X motherboards to overclock FURY Beast DDR5 memory to DDR5-10004 MHz (MT/s).

According to the certification information of CPU-Z, when the memory is overclocked to DDR5-10004MHz (MT/s), the timing reaches 72-126-126-126-127-2. The mainstream memory on the market is DDR5-4800, and the overclocking models include DDR5-5200, 5600, 6400, etc. However, memory manufacturers have already announced that they plan to introduce 10-12 GT/s DDR5 memory in the future.

It is expected that more DDR5-10000 and above memory will appear in the era of Core 13 and Ryzen 7000 processors.

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