Visionox plans to build the 6th generation flexible AMOLED module production line project

The company intends to establish and operate a sixth-generation flexible active-matrix organic light-emitting display device module production line in Hefei City, Anhui Province. The development is significant and it is hoped that the project will be introduced and supported.

Visionox pointed out that after friendly negotiation, the two parties intend to sign the "Hefei 6th Generation Flexible Active Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Display Device (AMOLED) Module Production Line Project Investment Framework Agreement" (hereinafter referred to as "Project Investment Framework Agreement" or "Agreement" ), the agreement stipulates that the two parties will cooperate to invest in Visionox’s sixth-generation flexible active-matrix organic light-emitting (AMOLED) module production line project in Hefei Xinzhan High-tech Industrial Development Zone, with a total investment of 11 billion yuan.

The two parties proposed to establish a project company and jointly invested 5.5 billion yuan in the project company. Among them, the Hefei Municipal People's Government invested 2.5 billion yuan in the project company from the municipal investment platform, and the Xinzhan District investment platform invested 500 million yuan in the project company. Contribute 2.5 billion yuan to the project company.

According to the announcement, the project can produce 25.99 million 6-12-inch flexible AMOLED module products annually and will produce various types of flexible module products including but not limited to curved, half-fold, tri-fold, and medium-sized products, covering smart wearables, mobile phones, etc. (including folding mobile phones), automotive and professional display applications.

At present, as an important carrier of information display in the digital economy era, the screen is an important window for human-computer interaction. The new display technology represented by flexible AMOLED is popular in the market due to its advantages such as flexibility and high image quality and based on its characteristics such as flexibility, more product forms have been inspired, such as curved surfaces, half-fold, tri-fold, medium size, etc. Various types of flexible products, covering smart wearables, mobile phones (including foldable mobile phones), automotive and professional displays, and other application fields, and the penetration rate of terminal applications has accelerated, and the industry is in a period of rapid expansion.

Under the mutual promotion of market demand and technological development, Visionox seized the development opportunity of continuous updating and upgrading of flexible display technology, and actively expanded the field of flexible AMOLED during the industrial growth period, combined with the release of the company's screen line production capacity and the growing multi-terminal field. To meet the needs of market expansion, actively deploy the construction of flexible module lines.

Visionox said that the signing of the "Project Investment Framework Agreement" can give full play to the resource advantages of all parties, help the company to improve its business layout, actively respond to and meet market demands, and help improve the company's comprehensive competitiveness. a development strategy that can create greater value for shareholders.

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