Xiaomi's first urban custom phone released based on Redmi Note 11E

Yesterday Xinyang Mobile Company and Xiaomi Henan Branch held a "Beautiful Life Watch Xinyang" Xiaomi exclusive customized mobile phone conference. At the conference, the "Beautiful Life" customized mobile phone was launched, and the customized mobile phone was integrated into Xinyang's culture. Features, and customized software development for the elderly, this is also the first time Xiaomi Group has made special customization for a city.

It is reported that the "Beautiful Life Sees Xinyang" 5G smart custom mobile phone is based on the Redmi Note 11E and is deeply customized for the theme of "Beautiful Life Sees Xinyang". It integrates the regional characteristics and cultural elements of Xinyang and preset application scenarios and convenient service apps suitable for the elderly.

In addition, Xinyang Mobile has raised resources in various ways to formulate exclusive policies for Xiaomi to customize mobile phones, reduce the purchase threshold of Xinyang people's 5G mobile phones to 499 yuan, and provide exclusive large-scale traffic feedback for the elderly.

The Redmi Note 11E went on sale in March this year. It is equipped with a MediaTek Dimensity 700 processor and offers two configurations of 4GB+128GB and 6GB+128GB, priced at 1199 yuan and 1299 yuan respectively.

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