340W Gallium Nitride Charger Appears at Computex Taipei

This year's Taipei Computer Show, a Taipei company called Wii Power exhibited a series of interesting gallium nitride (GaN) chargers.

At 340W, one of the GaN chargers is one of the most powerful GaN-based chargers to date. Judging from its appearance, it should not be a final mass-produced product. Unlike the gallium nitride charger in our impression, it is huge, measuring 150 x 86 x 34 mm, and can provide up to 20 volts through a fixed power cord. , 17A current. In addition to that, it has a USB-C port that supports USB PD and a range of other charging standards, delivering 45W of power.

The company also showcased another charger with a combined output of 240W. The main USB-C port supports the USB PD 3.1 standard and can provide 140W alone. The other USB-C port can deliver 100W of power, and interestingly, the company offers an adapter that can combine the two outputs into a total output of 240W for charging more demanding laptops. There's even a third USB-C port and a USB-A port for charging peripherals or phones, but the power is limited to 30W per port and the total output can't exceed 240W. This charger is not small, At 130 x 80 x 32 mm, it's already smaller than most similar non-GaN chargers considering the power it can put out.

The company also has a small USB PD 3.1 travel charger that can also deliver up to 140W.

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