Actions Technology: The Bluetooth watch chip has been shipped

Actions Technology pointed out in the latest investor relations activity record that the company's Bluetooth watch chips have been shipped, and the smartwatch models of multiple brands based on ATS308X are in the trial production stage. Branded customer terminal models are expected to be launched in the second quarter of 2022.

Actions Technology said that the current smart Bluetooth watches used in the market are mainly dual-chip solutions. The company has launched a Bluetooth single-chip smartwatch with years of accumulation in low-power technology, Bluetooth dual-mode technology, audio technology, and display technology. The watch solution provides a highly competitive Bluetooth dual-mode smartwatch chip solution design with high integration, a high frame rate, and low power consumption. The company expects to make a big splash in the smartwatch field this year, with a relatively broad market upside, and it may become an important revenue and profit contribution point for the company in the future.

In addition, Actions Technology's Bluetooth technology and audio performance continue to improve, and the company's product competitiveness continues to improve. In 2021, the sales volume and ASP of Bluetooth headset chip products will increase. In 2022, the company will take the following measures in the expansion of the Bluetooth headset market: the company will strive to expand overseas markets, further improve its sales layout, consolidate existing market advantages and explore emerging market opportunities; focus on the needs of leading customers to focus on the company products to increase the company's penetration rate among leading customers; the company will focus more on differentiated market segments, such as wireless gaming headsets, which have now entered the trial mass production stage for clients.

Actions Technology also pointed out that the company's product planning is based on long-term continuous technology accumulation and precipitation, with the main goal of serving brand customers. In terms of performance specifications, the company's products strive to provide better cost performance and continuously improve product competitiveness. For example, under the premise that the performance of the company's products meets the needs of brand customers, it can also strive to provide higher added value to customers and continuously improve the cost-effectiveness of products.

One of the more important reasons why the products of Actions Technology can provide higher cost performance is that the company has its own profound audio coding and decoding technology, professional noise reduction algorithm and other independent and controllable audio processing technologies, which can be used at a better cost. Advantages provide customers with a higher quality audio experience.

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