Apple's macOS 13 revelations: codenamed "Mammoth"

WWDC 2022 will be held on June 7, Apple macOS 13 is expected to be released on that day, this is the next major version of Apple's Mac software platform, and it is also a complete transition from Intel to Apple's own chips. The first new operating system after.

Today, foreign media 9To5Mac reviewed all the latest rumors and expectations for macOS 13 this year, including new features, release information, and more.

When will macOS 13 be released?

macOS 13 will be announced at Apple's annual Worldwide Developers Conference. This year, WWDC will be held online on June 7 and is expected to release macOS 13, as well as iOS 16, iPadOS 16, watchOS 9, and tvOS 16.

After the release of macOS 13, Apple will test the operating system for several months before pushing the official version update to all users around the fall.

What is the name of macOS 13?

As of now, macOS 13 is known internally as Rome. And for the past few years, Apple has been naming its Mac operating system after a California park. In December, Parker Ortolani revealed that macOS 13 would be called " Mammoth ".

According to reports, Apple received a trademark extension for the name "Mammoth" in the computer operating system category late last year, suggesting that the name may be adopted for the macOS release next year. Mammoth may refer to Mammoth Lakes in California, a resort town in the Sierra Mountains suitable for skiing in winter and fishing in summer.

macOS 13 Supported Devices

As Apple completes its two-year transition from Intel to its own chips, more Intel-based Macs could lose support for macOS 13.

The concept map does not represent the official support list

Most likely, 2013, 2014, and 2015 Macs will likely be abandoned. Below are Macs that support macOS 12 Monterey:

  • 2015 and later MacBooks
  • MacBook Air early 2015 and later
  • Early 2015 and later MacBook Pros
  • Late 2014 and later Mac mini
  • Late 2015 and later iMacs
  • 2017 and later iMac Pros
  • Late 2013 and later Mac Pro
  • Mac Studio in 2022

New function

macOS 13 may focus on Apple Silicon Macs more than ever . With deeper integration between hardware and software, macOS 13 could see improved notifications, widgets on the home screen, and improvements to universal controls.

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