ASRock released RX 6950 XT Formula flagship graphics card

ASRock released the flagship Radeon RX 6950 XT OC Formula 16GB graphics card, the official said that the GPU frequency reached an astonishing 2495MHz acceleration frequency. According to the official introduction, ASRock's newly designed striped annular fan further enhances the airflow with its striped fan blades and annular structure. In addition, the original features of the OC Formula are retained, including a 21-phase power supply architecture, and an all-metal housing design with a three-fan cooling system. The built-in ARGB LED can also synchronize lighting effects with ASRock motherboards that support Polychrome SYNC, allowing users to customize lighting effects.

ASRock's new Formula adopts a 3-slot thick design, and the graphics card size is 332x137x61mm; three 8pin power supplies, it is recommended to use a 1000W power supply; P/Q dual BIOS design, where the highest P BIOS can reach 2495MHz.

At present, ASRock has not announced the price of the new Formula graphics card.

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