ASRock releases the world's first B660M / H610M motherboard with built-in eDP connector

At the Taipei Computer Show, ASRock released the new concept of B660M-ITX / eDP and H610M-ITX / eDP, officially said it is the world's first DIY motherboard with built-in eDP connector.

According to ASRock, gamers can connect to an eDP-sized screen from inside the chassis through a simple eDP cable. Through this design, the side panel of the chassis can be used as a secondary screen. 

ASRock said that it is also cooperating with major chassis manufacturers, including Cooler Master, InWin, Thermaltake and Silver Stone. It is expected that in the second half of 2022, side panels with eDP screens will appear on the market for consumers to purchase .

The DP interface is a fully digital interface based on the DisplayPort architecture and protocol. It can transmit high-resolution signals with simpler connectors and fewer pins. Currently, notebook screens and motherboards use eDP. connect.

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