Dell Introduces New XPS 13 Plus Industrial Design

When Dell's star product XPS 13 Plus was launched in China this year, Dell issued a document to introduce the industrial design of this notebook, saying that it represents Dell's view of the future PC, and is a contribution to today's PC industry. Injected cardiotonic.

Dell said that the XPS 13 Plus uses a seamless full-size keyboard, which completely removes the grid part between each keycap on the keyboard to better expand the user's tapping area, and also provides a seamless glass trackpad. The entire palm rest is made of pure glass with a built-in touchpad under the glass to interact with the user in a unique way.

Dell said that such a large touchpad is very difficult to achieve in product design, but considering that the touchpad has the closest contact with the user, it is the operation with the most personal experience and deep meaning for the user. interface. At the same time, in order to meet the user's habit of using mobile phone touchscreens for many years, the entire design team also has a firm goal. After many times of research and design and communication with users, we finally realized a seamless glass touchpad on the XPS 13 Plus for everyone. This unique design.

In addition, Dell has also placed a capacitive touch function bar above the keyboard, making the overall design more seamless . Officials said that on the one hand, the capacitive touch function bar can bring more effective performance in terms of aesthetics. On the other hand, it is lighter and thinner than the physical keyboard in terms of engineering design. Comprehensively improve customer experience.

Dell claims that the new XPS 13 Plus adopts a highly concise design language on the outside, with a 3.5K OLED display screen, smooth keyboard, function bar, trackpad and palm rest to form a clean, light and iconic appearance; the body is as light as 1.26kg, as thin as 15.28mm, it is easy to carry when going out to work; the whole body is composed of 6000 series aerospace aluminum, CNC precision cutting, delicate and comfortable touch, and there are two colors of twilight white and near night black available.

In terms of environmental protection, the XPS 13 Plus is Dell 's first XPS notebook made with hydro-renewable energy , which greatly reduces the carbon footprint . The keyboard surface is coated with water-based paint with low volatile organic compounds, thereby reducing smoke pollution during the production process. Packed with 100% renewable materials and guaranteed to be 100% recyclable.

The national version of this notebook has been launched on the Dell WeChat applet, and the price of 618 is as follows:

  • i7+16GB+512GB priced at 15999 yuan
  • i7+32GB+2TB priced at 18999 yuan

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