Exposure of some parameters of Huawei MateView SE display

Huawei MateBook series new product launch conference will be held. According to digital blogger @kanshan’s uncle, in addition to the 2022 MateBook series, Huawei will also launch a new MateView SE display.

According to the latest news from the blogger, MateView SE is an upgraded version of Huawei Display S24 , which has been improved in appearance and interface. The VGA interface has been replaced by a DP interface, and it has two versions of a standard bracket and a rotating lifting bracket. 

In terms of parameters, the Huawei MateView SE display has a 1080P resolution, adds an e-book mode, supports a 75Hz refresh rate , ΔE<2, and a color depth of "6 shake 8".

The launch of Huawei MateBook series new products will start at 17:30 today, and the whole process of IT Home will be broadcast live, so stay tuned. According to previous information, new Huawei MateBook products are expected to include MateBook 13s / 14s, MateBook D14, MateBook 14 and MateBook 16.

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