Germany's Merck Group: The golden age of China's semiconductor industry has just begun

Germany's Merck AG said on Tuesday that it had signed a contract to open a semiconductor materials base in Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu province, in its largest single electronics business investment in China. The new 69-acre site will house production plants, warehouses and operations centers for thin-film materials and electronic specialty gases.

"China is the largest semiconductor end market, with more than half of the world's total chip production going to China," Allan Gabor, president of Merck China and managing director of China's electronic technology business, said in a statement. Unprecedented capacity investment and expansion by manufacturers, and China is currently the fastest growing semiconductor manufacturing market in the world. We believe the golden age of China’s semiconductor industry has just begun .”

In January of this year, Merck announced that it would invest at least another RMB 2 billion in China by 2025 to build and expand a series of localized production, R&D and supply chain facilities for electronic materials to actively participate in and support China's current The booming semiconductor industry. Reuters reported that 550 million yuan will be used for the new base in Zhangjiagang.

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