Google's 200 yuan Pixel 6 protective case was complained

Google has launched an official transparent protective case for the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, priced as high as $30 (about 199.8 yuan), but this high-priced protective case seems to be of high quality In general, many users have given bad reviews on Reddit and Amazon, complaining that the protective case has been extremely yellowed and deformed after using it for a few months or even two or three weeks, and some users say that the protective case fits the phone. Degree is not good.

Some users have posted photos of old-looking phone cases, claiming to have aged in a few months to two or three weeks . An editor for The Verge said his phone case was also starting to look "a bit shabby."

It doesn't seem like it's just one batch of phone cases that's having a problem, there was a thread complaining about the issue on Reddit a month ago, and a similar rant a few hours ago. Some posts also mention that the case has deformed at the buttons or bottom, raising concerns about its ability to protect the phone.

Google did not immediately respond to a request for comment on whether the issue was known.

Although the yellowing of the transparent protective case happens sooner or later, users did not expect this to happen in just a few weeks or months, nor did they expect that the yellowing would look so serious.

In addition, this is not a cheap street stall, but a 200 yuan protective case made by Google.

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