Huawei X1 printer pre-sale powder box from 1449 yuan

Huawei PixLab X1 laser printer was released on September 13, 2021. It is equipped with HarmonyOS system, supports printing, copying and scanning, multiple devices close to the network, one-touch printing, and remote printing functions. When printing on one side, it can print about 28 sheets per minute. Automatic duplex printing. The sale price is 1899 yuan.

During the pre-sale period of Jingdong 618, you can now pay a deposit of 100 yuan, which can be deducted from 500 yuan. Plus members can add 50 yuan full coupons, and the price is 1449 yuan; non-plus members receive a 30 yuan coupon, and the price is 1469 yuan. 

A gift of Huawei F-1500 powder box worth 99 yuan, 1500 pages of printing volume an plus member 50 yuan full product coupon.

 HUAWEI PixLab X1 is close to discovery, the pop-up window configures the network, and the fastest connection is 20 seconds; the HUAWEI mobile phone turns on NFC, and prints at the touch of a touch; remotely share files and print anytime, anywhere. 

Equipped with a 28 pages per minute engine that supports automatic duplex printing. All-in-one printing, copying and scanning, and color scanning supports up to 1200dpi resolution.

It adopts a drawer-type toner cartridge, which can be replaced in two steps; a large-capacity toner cartridge; HiAI computing power, which supports the copy and layout correction of ID documents.

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