Huawei's new MateBook debuts smart conference

Today, Huawei officially released new notebook products such as MateBook 14 and MateBook 16s, equipped with Intel's latest 12th-generation Core processors. In addition to hardware, Huawei also announced a new feature of smart office - smart conference.

Huawei said that the hybrid office faces many challenges. During remote meetings at home office, the camera will capture children playing at home, distracting the attention of the participants; during office work in public places such as cafes/high-speed trains, airplanes, loud noises will be It brings trouble and affects the efficiency of communication. The new smart conference feature brought by Huawei Smart Office was born to solve the challenges faced in the mixed office process.

In order to solve the problem of poor interaction between audio and video in the mixed office, and the communication efficiency is seriously affected, Huawei Smart Meeting brings two major capabilities of AI smart eyes and AI sound effects , and at the same time upgrades the computer operation interface, so that people can experience these two new technologies more conveniently.

Huawei's AI Smart Eye provides three functions: shadows, virtual backgrounds, and natural eyesight. In the process of video communication, moving scenes are often encountered. In the past, the computer camera would not automatically capture the position of the person, so it could not present a good conference effect. However, the AI ​​​​eye movement function uses AI portrait tracking technology to let you It is always in the C position of the screen during the video conference, especially this function also supports multi-player mode, which is convenient and easy to use. When working remotely, it is often embarrassing that the background is messy, and people do not want to present irrelevant information in the video. Based on this pain point, AI Smart Eye provides a virtual background function . Eye contact is a very important part of interpersonal communication. Good eye contact can improve the effect of expression. In video conferences, people often ignore eye contact because they are looking at the screen content. The Huawei Smart Meeting AI Smart Eye's natural eye-to-eye function applies sight correction technology and uses the algorithm of the AI ​​model to smooth the sight, just like face-to-face communication.

AI sound effects have three major capabilities: quiet space calls, pure vocals, and high-definition fidelity. When the user wears the headset to talk, turn on the quiet space mode, the computer can intelligently identify the user's voice and extract the voiceprint, use the bone voiceprint algorithm to enhance the headset wearer's voice , and filter out the surrounding interference sound In the pure human voice mode, during audio and video conferences, Huawei's self-developed AI noise reduction technology can reduce its own environmental noise, extract pure human voices, and transmit multiple people's voices clearly; high fidelity In the mode, the surrounding sound can be collected, so that other participants of the audio and video conference can also understand the real audio environment of the user.

Huawei said that the smart conference feature is a hardware-level technology that supports a variety of mainstream conference software to enable this innovative experience. As long as you have a Huawei computer, you can create a portable meeting space to make communication more efficient and smoother in mixed office meetings.

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