Intel CEO: Relying on the four superpowers to solve the three current challenges

The new Intel On Industry Innovation Summit opened. This summit is the latest summit of Intel's On series, dedicated to building the future of industry and technology and maximizing the value of innovative technologies. Intel said that the conference brings together the latest ideas from business and technology innovators around the world while providing online and offline audiences and customers with opportunities to learn new knowledge, develop skills and expand contacts.

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger said at the opening ceremony that from 1994, when the prototype of the smartphone began to appear, less than 1% of the world's people had access to the Internet, and today 62% of people have access to the Internet. The Internet is expected to reach 90% in 2030, which means the real arrival of the era of the Internet of Everything.

Intel and its partner in Taiwan, Pegatron, are constantly expanding 5G technology, innovating and exploring, and improving the quality of life of the public against the backdrop of the COVID-19 challenge.

Pat Gelsinger concluded that there are four "superpowers" driving Intel's innovation, namely ubiquitous computing, cloud to edge infrastructure, pervasive connection, and artificial intelligence (Artificial intelligence), the exponential growth of global computing demand is driven by four "superpowers".

Pat Gelsinger also believes that the global technology force is currently at a strategic inflection point, facing three major challenges, namely the disruption of supply chains, the raging epidemic, uncertain geopolitical impacts, and even potential inflation: "All these challenges It’s something we all face together. Our team is also very excited to share with you the technology we’re developing now that will enable you to make a difference during this time.”

He also pointed out that Intel not only manufactures chips, but is also a software development company: "Chip has never been so sexy and charming, relying on our idm2.0 strategy to expand cutting-edge chip production technology, in Europe and the United States can meet customers' needs for The insatiable demand for high performance and fast computing allows us to have a balanced and consistent supply of chips all over the world."

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