Kingston's Beast series DDR5 RGB memor

The Taipei Computer Show, Kingston launched the beast series of DDR5 RGB memory, optional: 4800MT/s, 5200MT/s, 5600MT/s and 6000MT/s models.

Now, Kingston has listed this series of memory sticks on the e-commerce platform, and the price of the 16GB version is as follows (there are discounts for the first release):

  • DDR5-4800: 999 yuan
  • DDR5-5200: 1049 yuan
  • DDR5-5600: 1299 yuan
  • DDR5-6000: 1399 yuan
According to reports, this product supports Intel XMP 3.0 certification and has passed the certification of the world's leading motherboard manufacturers. Through Kingston FURY CTRL2 software, users can select a series of preset lighting modes and effects from the effect library, and can also customize many RGB lighting effects. Kingston FURY Beast series DDR5 RGB memory adopts Kingston FURY's patented infrared synchronization technology. When multiple memory cards are installed in the motherboard, the lighting effect can be synchronized.

The starting speed of Kingston's FURY Beast series DDR5 RGB memory is 4800MT/s . Using Kingston's unique Plug N Play technology, users do not need to select a configuration file, and the memory can be automatically overclocked. When using 5200MT/s and higher speed memory, enable Intel XMP 3.0 profile to lock speed, timing and voltage.

Kingston said that the FURY Beast series of DDR5 RGB memory has a single 8GB, 16GB and 32GB capacity products, as well as a dual set of up to 64GB capacity, with a speed of up to 6000MT/s and a lifetime limited warranty.

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