Microsoft admits that Apple macOS opening Outlook will automatically download strange files is a bug

Microsoft's Outlook email client seems to have a little problem. When users access Outlook using Safari on macOS, the browser automatically downloads a mysterious "TokenFactoryIframe" file that some belief is malware or a potentially dangerous threat to their computer.

According to Windows Latest, a large number of Reddit users reported that Safari downloads a file called "TokenFactoryIframe" every time it accesses Outlook through the web. The file has no extension and cannot be opened with any application.

The Outlook client reportedly downloads a file every few seconds that, while not containing any information, would render the website unusable.

In addition to Reddit, there are also a large number of users on other platforms who see this unknown file appear on their Macs when accessing Outlook.

When I want to check my work email from home, I use Outlook on the web. Starting today, every time I open Outlook on my browser without any prompt. And this doesn't happen on my work PC (Google Chrome).

Fortunately, of course, the file is supposed to be harmless, and a Microsoft spokesperson confirmed that the company just discovered a bug affecting Outlook users that involves forcing a web browser to attempt to download an internal token. And the company also confirmed that the vulnerability only affects Safari users.

Microsoft recommends that users access Outlook through another browser until the bug is fixed.

Of course, we will also provide a solution to help you temporarily block all download requests from the Outlook website in Safari. Try it if you need it:

  • Click the Safari menu, then click Preferences.
  • Go to the Websites tab.
  • Select the Download option in the sidebar.
  • Find Outlook and change its permissions to Deny.

It's worth mentioning that while this approach can work around the token iframe error in Outlook temporarily, it also prevents the browser from downloading stuff. If you can, try switching to a browser like Chrome or Firefox, although it may not work for everyone.

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