Netac launches Jueying RGB DDR4-4266 memory module

Netac announced that it is expected to officially launch Jueying RGB DDR4-4266 high-frequency memory in June. Jueying RGB DDR4-4266 belongs to the same series as Jueying RGB DDR4 low-timing memory released before. Jueying RGB DDR4-4266, which will be launched this time, is mainly improved in frequency, reaching 4266MHz. , as far as it is concerned, it belongs to the highest specification of memory sticks in domestic granules.

The new Jueying memory is equipped with domestic Changxin A-Die particles, the timing is CL18-22-22-42, and two-speed XMP is used, specifically: XMP1=4266 19-26-26-46 1.35V, XMP2=4266 18-22 -22-42 1.35V, the reason is that Changxin particles have not been on the market for a long time. Netac memory laboratory tests found that some older motherboards have not been adapted and optimized for the particles, so there will be two levels of XMP to improve motherboard compatibility.

In terms of overclocking performance, the official said that it achieved overclocking to DDR4-4600 19-21-21 1.4V in Netac Labs, and passed the stability stress test. Jueying RGB DDR4-4266 memory is expected to be available in June, providing an 8GB*2 package. The price has not been announced yet.

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