Nvidia: More than 180 games now support DLSS technology

NVIDIA said at the Taipei Computer Show that since the launch of DLSS, more than 180 games have added DLSS technology, making it one of the fastest-growing and most widely used gaming technologies .

Nvidia announced that 12 more games will join DLSS , including Deep Rock Galactic, F122, LEAP, Ghost, Loopmancer, Hitman 3 )", "Hydroneer", "Propnite", "Raji: An Ancient Epic", "Vampire: The Masquerade - Swansong", "Turbo Sloths", "Desperate" Strike: Warstride Challenges.

According to reports. Enabling ray tracing on a GeForce RTX GPU on a desktop or laptop will greatly improve the fidelity and richness of the expansive maps in Hitman 3. Performance can be boosted by using NVIDIA DLSS, giving Agent 47 a great gaming experience while operating in bustling cities, country estates, and safe areas. With the highest quality and ray tracing enabled in Hitman 3, NVIDIA DLSS can increase frame rates at 4K resolutions by more than 2x on desktop GPUs. 

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