Panasonic and Leica sign comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement

According to Panasonic official news, today, Panasonic Entertainment Interactive Co., Ltd. and Leica Camera officially announced that the two parties will deepen cooperation under the framework of the existing Leica trademark use contract and technical cooperation, and jointly invest, develop, Marketing three aspects signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement. The two parties named "L² Technology" with the initials of "LEICA" and "LUMIX", which will be used in future marketing activities.

According to reports, L² Technology will combine the advantages of the LEICA and LUMIX brands, apply new technologies in cameras and lenses, combine the technologies and experiences of both parties in the field of next-generation software, and provide new technologies and solutions.

It is mentioned in the agreement that the two companies will jointly invest in new technologies for cameras and lenses, and integrate the jointly developed new technologies into LEICA and LUMIX products to further enhance product competitiveness.

The cooperation between Panasonic and Leica began in August 2000 . Initially, the two companies signed a cooperation agreement on lenses for digital and audio-visual equipment, and in 2001 it expanded to the field of digital cameras. In 2018, the two companies formed the "L-mount Alliance" together with Sigma, and in 2021 Ernst Leitz Wetzlar GmbH also joined the alliance.

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