Samsung SDI is testing a variety of 4680 cylindrical cells with different heights for manufacturers

Samsung SDI is currently testing multiple versions of the 4680 cylindrical battery, developed for customers such as Tesla.

The report said Samsung SDI is testing at least two versions of the battery, one of which follows the original specifications previously announced by Tesla, and rivals LG Energy Solutions and Panasonic have also previously announced that they will produce this version of the battery.

Another version will be under 80mm in height (4680 means 46mm in diameter and 80mm in height), between 40mm and 60mm, the source said, but will retain the 46mm diameter in order to win in addition to the special Multiple clients outside of SLA.

Samsung SDI is considering supplying a second battery to BMW, Volvo and Stellantis, the sources said . For example, two cells with a diameter of 46 mm and a length of 40 mm can be stacked together to form a battery pack with two layers. This, combined with module and packaging technology, could increase the overall energy density, but could be heavier and more expensive, they say.

Samsung SDI is also considering shortening the height of the battery to reduce the difficulty of production, and a higher battery will make production more difficult . The higher the height of the battery, it also means that the electrolyte is more likely to leak out during injection.

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