Shipments of new orders for Apple MacBook Pro, Mac Studio, iMac, Studio Display and more have been delayed until August

Earlier this month, we reported new MacBook Pro orders, and even existing orders that started in February were delayed until July. Now, Apple's MacBook Pro, along with other products like the iMac, Mac Studio and Studio Display, has been delayed until August as supply chain issues persist.

In early May, there was feedback from users who ordered a custom configuration of the 16-inch MacBook Pro in February. Their order was previously delayed, but got another update from Apple, saying his device won't ship until late June or early July.

Even the stock 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models have been delayed until mid-July.

New MacBook Pro orders delayed until August

It's a few weeks later, and the supply issues continue. Stock 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro laptops will ship by July 28 at the latest. If you upgrade any components directly from Apple's official website, such as the M1 Pro / Max chip, memory or storage, the shipping time will be delayed until August 8 at the latest.

Interestingly, the availability directly from Apple's official website is the worst. Several retailers including Amazon, Adorama, B&H Photo, and Best Buy now stock various MacBook Pro configurations.

Delays for other Apple products

Along with the new MacBook Pro, the Mac Studio and Studio Display will also ship from Apple at the end of August . The standard model of the iMac is available immediately, but if you upgrade the memory or storage, that desktop will also be delayed until August.

There is no delay with the 13-inch M1 MacBook Pro, and the M1 MacBook Air will be available as a stock model from Apple in a week or so. However, if you upgrade the memory or storage again, it will delay the delivery by a month.

As with the MacBook Pro, these other Macs are available directly from Amazon and other retailers at the time of writing.

We previously thought that the supply of mini LED panels could be one of the issues with the delay in MacBook Pro shipments. However, with the wider range of Apple products like the iMac, Mac Studio, and others experiencing long wait times when upgrading M1 chips, memory or storage, it appears that broader supply chain constraints are causing these issues.

As we saw earlier this month, with many of Apple's limited models still available elsewhere, Apple appears to be prioritizing keeping third-party retailers in stock to some extent.

Apple CEO Tim Cook previously said supply chain issues are easing, but the company still expects the problems to cost between $4 billion and $8 billion this quarter.

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