Sony PS president hints PlayStation will buy more companies

 After PlayStation acquired Bungie for $3.6 billion this year, it is reported that Sony is planning to continue to make more acquisitions. Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan said the company's acquisition "is not done yet."

In a PlayStation business briefing, Jim Ryan talked about the acquisition:

"We have been very active in mergers and acquisitions and investments. The purpose of these investments is to strengthen our core strength in PlayStation Studios, while also gaining expertise in game development areas where we have historically not had a significant presence. Planned Bungie Just a good example."

Ryan went on to talk about future investments:

"In terms of future (M&A), the answer is that we haven't completed our strategy for organic growth of PlayStation Studios," "As we transition from our historical game development strategy to a broader market scope than today, we will likely need to More inorganic building blocks to stimulate to help us realize these dreams."

In other words, Sony will acquire more development studios for PlayStation Studios.

Jim Ryan also said at an investor conference that Sony is aiming to make $300 million in PC gaming this fiscal year. Sony plans to launch 10 new live-service games by 2026.

In addition to the acquisition of Bungie, Sony has made a series of acquisitions before this, such as Housemarque, Nixxes Software, Bluepoint, Valkyrie and Firesprite, etc., these studios were all merged into Sony within a year.

The department briefing shared by Jim Ryan shows that PS5 sales in China have reached 670,000 units, 295,000 PS + member users, and the regional ranking has risen to 6th, with an average cost of 223 knives (approximately $223) per activation machine. 1495 RMB) to purchase content. All figures are a big increase compared to PS4.

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