Sony will increase image sensor production capacity in Nagasaki, Japan

At a briefing for investors held by Sony on the 27th, Teru Shimizu, president of Sony Semiconductor Solutions, a subsidiary of Sony’s semiconductor business, revealed that Sony will improve the Nagasaki Plant (Nagasaki), the main factory of image sensors. Isahaya City, prefecture) .

Although the investment amount and production capacity details have not yet been announced, among the five factories, the area of ​​the latest cleaning workshop, which will be put into use in April 2021, is 60% larger than that in July this year, reaching approximately 37,000 square meters.

Sony expects the advanced smartphone image sensor market to expand by about 10% annually through 2030 . With the spread of autonomous driving, sensors are indispensable for functions such as vehicle recognition of obstacles, so inquiries from the automotive field have also increased significantly. Sony will increase the investment in image sensor equipment by 200 billion yen from the original plan to 900 billion yen in fiscal year 2023 (March 2024).

In the field of global image sensors, Sony is a well-deserved industry "big brother". According to market research firm Strategy Analytics, Sony Semiconductor Solutions ranks first in the global smartphone image sensor market with a 45% revenue share, followed by Samsung with 26% and OmniVision with 11%.

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