The mechanical revolution warms up the new Jiaolong 16 notebook

Yesterday, Mechanical Revolution released the new Questyle X water-cooled gaming notebook , and on June 2, Mechanical Revolution will release another Jiaolong 16 notebook, equipped with AMD Ryzen 6000H series processors.

Today, Mechanical Revolution says the notebook has an "exaggerated cooling module."

Officially, the new Jiaolong 16 game uses dual fans and four air outlets. The fan size reaches 82x80x12.5mm, with a total of 71 fan blades, and a single fan can provide 16CFM of air . The surface of the PCB covers more than 50% of the black vapor chamber, and is covered by four large-sized pure copper heat pipes. Counting the integrated U-shaped heat pipes, there are as many as five pure copper heat pipes.

Jiaolong is the AMD Ryzen brand of the mechanical revolution. In March last year, Mechanical Revolution launched the new Jiaolong 7, which is equipped with AMD Ryzen 5900HX processor at the highest, and the graphics card can be selected up to RTX 3080. It is expected that the new Jiaolong 16-inch notebook will be equipped with up to R9 6900HX and RTX 3080 Ti. 

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