The refresh rate of the Apple iPhone 14 Pro screen can be reduced to 1Hz

The last year's iPhone 13 Pro series was the first model in Apple's smartphones to feature a 120Hz ProMotion display. Although the two iPhone 14 Pro models will continue to use this technology, sources say The screen refresh rate range is likely to expand.

To bring the ProMotion display to the iPhone 13 Pro, Apple adopted LTPO panel technology with variable refresh rate, which enables a more energy-efficient backplane. In this way, ProMotion is able to dynamically generate fast frame rates when users need them, and lower frame rates when they are not needed to extend battery life.

However, on the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max, the display is limited to an adjustable refresh rate between 10Hz and 120Hz. And some flagships of other brands can already go down to 1Hz.

According to display analyst Ross Young, the ProMotion displays used in the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max will be able to drop to the same 1Hz . The technology could pave the way for longer battery life or off -screen displays. 

The last year, Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman said that Apple was expected to bring similar features to the iPhone 13 series, but it did not materialize. At present, there are no other reliable leaks to suggest that the iPhone 14 Pro models have an always-on display.

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