Xiaomi FRIEND member beta test is online

Xiaomi FRIEND member internal test appeared in the Xiaomi Mall, showing that the consumption of more than 3,000 yuan in the past 12 months as a thanksgiving gift supports 30-day price guarantee, F-code priority purchase, and exclusive coupons.

According to reports, Xiaomi FRIEND members are currently in the internal testing period, and currently FRIEND members are still in the small-scale testing stage and are still being improved. After the test is completed and the official operation is completed, the front-end page of the Xiaomi Mall App will display the receiving entrance.

Xiaomi FRIEND membership conditions: 

Users who have registered on Xiaomi Mall and have used the same Xiaomi ID to purchase a total of 3,000 yuan (excluding coupons, cash coupons, and mall red envelopes) in Xiaomi Mall/Xiaomi Home with the same Xiaomi ID within the past year will have the opportunity to receive the Xiaomi FRIEND annual membership card .

Xiaomi FRIEND membership annual card validity period: annual card ≈ 365 days (regardless of leap years, counted from the date of receipt)

Regarding changes in rights and interests: During the validity period of the annual card, Xiaomi Mall may make changes or timely adjustments to the membership rules and rights according to the actual situation of activity operations and user participation. The relevant changes or adjustments will be announced on the Xiaomi FRIEND membership page of Xiaomi Mall. The actual display on the page shall prevail.

The same natural person, mobile phone number and Xiaomi ID can only receive one Xiaomi FRIEND annual membership card, and the purchase amount under different Xiaomi IDs will not be involved in the merger.

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