Xiaomi launches EA58/60 2022 TV

Xiaomi launched two new TV products, EA58 2022 and EA60 2022, with sizes of 58 inches and 60 inches, both of which are 4K metal full screens. The initial price is 1699 yuan and 1899 yuan respectively.

Two Xiaomi EA series TVs use a new generation of metal full screen, support 1 billion colors, Delta E is equal to 3, 4K resolution, metal body, 98.5% full screen. 

In terms of audio, the new TV is equipped with 20W speakers and supports DTS audio decoding. 

In terms of configuration, the two new products are equipped with a quad-core A53 processor, 1.5GB of memory, and 8GB of flash memory. 

In terms of functions, Xiaomi's new TV is newly equipped with far-field voice and Xiao Ai, and users can issue commands to the TV from a few meters away.

Xiaomi EA58 2022 and EA60 2022 are now available for pre-sale and will go on sale on May 31.

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