Xiaomi launches Mijia desk lamp 1S enhanced version

Xiaomi recently launched the Mijia Desk Lamp 1S Enhanced Edition, the new upgraded full-spectrum lamp beads, upgraded Ra95 color rendering index, using the national standard A-level reading and writing work desk lamp lighting standard, no video flash, support Xiao Ai and Siri voice control are now open for pre-sale, with a price of 199 yuan.

The Mijia Desk Lamp 1S enhanced version is upgraded to full-spectrum LED lamp beads, and the ratio of red, green and blue in the spectral curve is similar to that of sunlight. Compared with ordinary LED lamp beads, red light and green light are added to control the peak value of blue light, making the light more uniform and soft.

The Mijia desk lamp 1S enhanced version upgrades the Ra95 color rendering index. The color rendering index is increased from Ra90* to Ra95*, which is closer to natural light and restores the true color. It reaches the lighting standard of the national standard A-level illuminance reading and writing desk lamp, with a wide range of illumination and uniform illumination. The optical lens texture design allows the light to undergo multiple refraction and reflection, and it is very uniform and natural when it is released. It adopts constant current analog dimming mechanism without video flicker, the current is stable, and there is no video flicker, which is safer and more comfortable.

The Mijia Desk Lamp 1S Enhanced Edition supports four lighting modes, and a special focus mode is set, which will remind users to rest through "breathing". It can be connected to Mijia App and Apple HomeKit system at the same time, and supports Xiao Ai and Siri voice control. In addition, users can also adjust the color temperature and light brightness through the physical knob.

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