Xiaomi MIX FOLD folding screen MIUI 13 beta version is offline for handheld PC function

The Xiaomi community released the MIUI development version closed beta update instructions yesterday - on May 30, MIX FOLD released the Android 12-based development version for the first time , bringing a number of optimizations and improvements. Including the offline of the Pocket PC function, it is recommended to use the new free window function to meet the needs of light office multitasking.

According to the Xiaomi community, in order to improve the experience of multi-tasking on the mobile phone, we have adjusted the function. The beta version is offline for the handheld PC function. You can use the small window and split-screen function to complete multitasking more conveniently.

In this upgrade, we provide a faster way to enter split screen - gesture split screen to help you quickly enter split screen.

If you have split-screen applications that you use regularly, you can try the split-screen icon, create a new combined icon for two commonly used split-screen applications, and put them on the desktop. Click the combined icon to quickly open the two split-screen applications. app to make opening split-screen apps one step faster.

For small window applications that are not used temporarily, you can slide it to the edge of the screen to turn it into a welt style to reduce screen space occupation. The notifications of the side application will appear in the form of bubbles, which are displayed intuitively, so as not to miss important information.

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