AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution 2.0 announced open source

Today is the first anniversary of AMD's launch of FSR FidelityFX Super Resolution technology. To celebrate the occasion, the company released the source code for FSR 2.0. AMD says that with the introduction of FSR 2 earlier this year, there are now more than 110 games supporting FSR technology and more than 70 developers supporting AMD FidelityFX technology!

So we should choose this anniversary to share the source code of FSR 2 and give every game developer the opportunity to integrate FSR 2 and add their own games to the 24 games that have been announced for support.

You can obtain the FSR source code based on the MIT license through GPUOpen.

In addition to the FSR 2 API, and the complete C++ and HLSL source code behind it, AMD also provides Cauldron-based examples and API documentation.

FSR is a scalable solution that is not limited to AMD hardware, supports a wide range of graphics cards and platforms, works on multiple operating systems, and supports multiple APIs (DirectX 11, 12, and Vulkan). Developers do not need any special training or experience to use.

In addition, AMD is complementing other FidelityFX technologies available on GPUOpen - providing these solutions with FSR.

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