AMD Ryzen 7000 series starting lineup includes 7950X, 7900X, 7800X, 7600X

According to whistleblower @Greymon55, AMD will launch its first 5nm desktop processor, and the first batch of four Ryzen processors will be launched.

The new Ryzen 7000 series will be led by the R9 7950X, which is likely to be the flagship with 16 cores and 32 threads, and should have a TDP of 170W. In addition, AMD will also launch three processors 7900X, 7800X and 7600X, which means that there will be no 7700X processor at launch.

AMD took a similar approach when it launched the Ryzen 5000 "Vermeer" back in November 2020, and it didn't launch the Ryzen 7 5700X processor at that time.

He said the AMD Ryzen 9 7950XT MSRP could be 5,999 yuan, down from 6,049 yuan for the 5950X. In addition, he also said that AMD plans to launch products that support DDR4 memory, but did not confirm whether it will be listed.

AMD showed off its upcoming Ryzen 7000 series desktop CPUs last month. The frequency of this processor is amazing, with all cores up to 5.5GHz, but even that doesn't fully exploit the full TDP specification of 170W.

It is worth mentioning that another whistleblower @9550pro also said that the performance of AMD Raphael and Intel Raptor Lake in this generation of processors is still not much different, and the frequency can reach up to 5.5GHz, while Alder Lake to Raptor Lake The IPC increase is less than 5%, but the AMD Zen3 to Zen4 is only 8%.

If nothing else, AMD and Intel will launch a new generation of processors this fall, and AMD and Nvidia will also launch a new generation of graphics cards, so stay tuned.

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