Another panel manufacturer is planning an A-share IPO

Recently, the China Securities Regulatory Commission disclosed a report on China International Capital Corporation (abbreviation: CICC) on the initial public offering and listing guidance of Huike Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: Huike Co., Ltd.).

After counseling, CICC believes that Huike has the necessary corporate governance structure and internal control system to become a listed company, has established a relatively complete accounting management system, and is relatively independent in terms of business, assets, personnel, finance, and organization. , complete, the main business is outstanding, the financial status and growth are also good, and it has the basic conditions for issuance and listing.

It is understood that Huike Co., Ltd. was established in December 2001. It is a high-tech group joint-stock company specializing in the research and development, production and sales of video consumer electronic products . With its strong management, technology, resources, cost and other advantages, it relies on LCD panels for the coordinated development of upstream and downstream industry chains. Its upstream involves products such as panels and chips. It owns four high-generation LCD panel factories and has become one of the four giants of large-size LCD panels in China. The terminal products involve various sizes of LCD TVs, LCD monitors, tablet PCs and touch all-in-one computers.

After years of development, Huike has successively established complete machine R&D and production bases in Shenzhen, Chongqing, Hefei and Yichang, and LCD panel production bases in Chongqing, Chuzhou, Mianyang and Zhengzhou. As a result, Huike has become one of the most vertically integrated companies in the display industry chain, realizing the entire industry from LCD panels, bonding, LED backlights, optical materials, LCD modules, hardware and plastic parts to complete machine production. The chain is highly integrated. 

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