Apple customer service response: iOS 15.5 stealing traffic problem has been resolved

According to netizen @fengchen qaq feedback, this afternoon, Apple customer service replied to the user that the problem of stealing traffic in iOS 15.5 has been solved, and the positioning function can now be turned on.

Many iPhone users reported that after updating the iOS 15.5 system, the "time and location service" in the cellular network service will consume a lot of data in the background of the mobile phone, and some even reach several GB per day.

At that time, some netizens suggested that the privacy-location service and iCloud-related functions should be turned off, and the functions related to uploading data in the background of the system were turned off, which would alleviate the problem of stealing traffic from the cellular network.

In addition, Apple's official customer service has stated that the above-mentioned traffic stealing situation is indeed a "traffic abnormality", and it is recommended to open "Settings - Privacy - Temporarily turn off location services".

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