Apple iOS 16 brings Face ID landscape unlocking to iPhones

In the just released iOS 16 version, we can finally unlock the phone in landscape orientation. , Apple wrote on the iOS 16 feature page that some iPhone models will support the landscape unlocking face recognition function, but no support list has been given.

As we all know, since the introduction of Face ID on the iPhone X in 2017, Apple has been requiring you to hold your iPhone vertically to unlock your face. But it's very unpleasant in certain situations, like when you're lying in bed.

However, the same-rooted iPad implementation supports horizontal Face ID unlocking from the very beginning, so some iPhone users are very dissatisfied.

Now, Apple says that the horizontal face recognition function has been added to iOS 16, but unfortunately it is not compatible with all iOS 16-capable models (see IT House's previous report for the list), and the official has not yet given a support for this function. List of iPhone models.

Of course, with the push of the iOS 16 Beta developer beta, we will soon know which iPhone can experience the joy of landscape unlocking, so stay tuned.

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