Apple's iOS 16 security fix does not require a full system updat

Apple released iOS 16, iPadOS 16 systems, and has released the first developer preview Beta.

Apple introduced a new Rapid Security Response feature in iOS 16 designed to make it easier and faster for companies to deploy security improvements.

Security updates will be able to be applied automatically between standard software updates, so a fresh iOS version is not required to implement security fixes.

It will also let Apple automatically install security updates on many devices without users even having to think about it. There's a new "Install system and data files" option in Settings > General > Software Update that lets users toggle automatic security updates independent of iOS updates.

For those who don't want to have security updates (like jailbreakers), the toggle does avoid all security updates when disabled. It's worth noting that the "Install system and data files" option is enabled by default when installing iOS 16, so if you're not interested in the feature, you'll need to manually turn it off.

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