Apple's macOS Ventura is officially released

Apple officially released macOS Ventura, Apple said the new version added powerful productivity tools, new continuous interoperability features, making the Mac experience better than ever.

In general, macOS Ventura's front-end scheduling allows users to seamlessly switch between various apps and windows while focusing on the work in front of them ; the continuous interoperability camera uses the iPhone as a Mac's webcam; FaceTime calls With Handoff, users can start a FaceTime call on their iPhone or iPad, seamlessly transfer to a Mac, and more.

The following is Apple's official introduction to macOS Ventura:

A new way to work across apps and windows

The front-end scheduling will automatically organize all open apps and windows, allowing users to focus on their work while being able to see all the conditions at a glance. The window that the user is using will be placed in a prominent position in the center of the screen, and other open windows will be displayed on the left side of the screen, which is convenient for users to quickly switch between different tasks. When users are dealing with tasks or projects that require different apps, they can also manage windows in groups. Front Office Scheduling also works with other macOS window tools such as Scheduler, Spaces, etc., allowing users to easily return to the desktop with a single click.

Apple devices work together with continuous connectivity

Mac users can now use their iPhone as a webcam with Continuity Camera, enabling new features never before possible with a webcam. Relying on the powerful continuous communication function, the Mac can automatically recognize and use the camera of the nearby iPhone, without the need for the user to wake up or select the operation, and the iPhone can also establish a wireless connection with the Mac, which is more flexible and hassle-free. Continuity Camera brings several innovative features to all Mac computers, including Portrait Centering and Portrait Mode, as well as new Studio Lights that dim backgrounds and focus light on the user's face to optimize shots. In addition, the continuous interoperability camera can also use the iPhone's ultra-wide-angle camera to realize the desktop view function, showing the user's face and the top view of the desk table at the same time, which is especially suitable for creating handmade videos, displaying hand-painted works on the FaceTime calling app, and more. creative work.

The FaceTime app also now works with Handoff, allowing users to seamlessly switch to another nearby Apple device to continue the call after FaceTime is turned on on one Apple device. Users can start a FaceTime call on their iPhone or iPad, then switch the call to the Mac with a single tap, or start the call with the Mac and switch the call to the iPhone or iPad when they need to leave their seat.

Important macOS apps and features receive powerful updates

The Safari browser has been providing users with the fastest and most energy-efficient Mac browsing experience, as well as pioneering privacy-preserving features. Safari in macOS Ventur

a introduces a powerful new way for multiple users to co-browse the same website: Using shared tab groups, family, friends and colleagues can share favorite websites in Safari and see what each other is browsing tab page. Users can also create bookmark lists on the shared start page, and can initiate informational conversations or FaceTime calls directly in the Safari browser, which is especially useful for multiple people planning trips and discussing projects.

The Mail app's search functionality is getting its biggest update in years, using advanced technology to deliver more relevant, accurate, and comprehensive search results. As long as users tap the search box, they may have not started typing, and they have quickly found the search results they need for recent emails, contacts, documents, photos, etc. Users can also schedule emails to be sent, and even cancel them shortly after clicking the send button. The Mail app can now also intelligently detect whether attachments or CCs are missing in emails sent by users. Users can set reminders in the Mail app to redisplay an email at a specific date and time, and receive automatic suggestions to follow up on emails that have not yet been answered.

Focused Search has received a design update, making it easier to navigate, adding several new features to provide a more coherent experience across Apple devices, and support for Quick View, allowing users to quickly preview files. Users can now search for images in the photo gallery, system-wide, and on the web. Users can search for photos by location, person, scene, or item, as well as search for text in images with the Live Text feature. Users can now also perform actions directly within Spotlight Search, such as starting a timer, creating a new document, running shortcuts, and more, further boosting productivity. Spotlight Search now also provides rich search results for Artists, Movies, TV Series, Actors, Businesses, Sports.

With the iCloud Shared Library feature, users can now create and share a single photo library among up to 6 family members, allowing everyone to enjoy all family photos. Users can choose to share all the photos they already have in their personal library, or they can share based on a specific start date or the people in the photos. Users will receive smart reminders to share photos including family members and other selected people who have joined the shared gallery, ensuring that the shared gallery is always new. All shared users have permission to add, delete, edit and favorite photos and videos shared in the shared gallery, which will appear in each shared user's Memories and Featured photos, allowing them to more fully review Precious moments of Wen family members.

Safari browser security upgrade

Safari's security is further enhanced by passkeys, a next-generation authentication method that is more secure and easy to use, designed to replace passwords. Passkeys are a unique set of digital keys that are only stored on the device and are never uploaded to a web server, so hackers cannot leak them or trick users into sharing them. Passkeys give users a simple and secure way to log in, use Touch ID or Face ID for biometric authentication, and sync to iPhone, iPad and Mac with end-to-end encryption via iCloud Keychain. Pass keys are also applicable to various apps and networks, and users can log in to corresponding websites or apps on non-Apple devices using their iPhone.

Immersive gaming experience

The power of the Apple chip allows all new Mac models to run AAA games smoothly, including upcoming titles coming to Apple like EA's GRID Legends and Capcom's Resident Evil Village. The new iPad models also feature Apple chips, which means game developers can bring their triple-A games to more users, like Hello Games' No Man's Sky coming to Mac and iPad later this year .

Metal 3, the software that powers Apple's most exciting gaming experiences across all platforms, welcomes its latest release. The new features in this release will push the gaming experience on the Mac to new heights and unlock the full potential of Apple chips for years to come. MetalFX upsampling allows developers to use less compute-intensive frames for fast rendering of complex scenes, and then optimizes the picture with resolution scaling and temporal antialiasing to accelerate performance and bring more responsiveness to players control and stunning graphics. A new fast asset loading API creates a more direct path between memory and the graphics processor, minimizing latency and allowing games to easily render expansive worlds with high-quality textures and geometry for life-like immersion style experience.

Other experiences

  • Live Text uses on-device intelligence to recognize text in images in the system, and now adds text recognition capabilities for paused video frames, as well as support for Japanese and Korean text.
  • The Weather  app and Clock  app are optimized for Mac and include all the features that users know and love in the iPhone version.
  • New accessibility tools include Live Captioning for all audio content, Type to Speak for calls, Text Checker for text proofing support for VoiceOver users, and more.
  • System Preferences has been renamed to System Settings , with a new streamlined design and easier navigation, making it instantly accessible to iPhone users and iPad users alike.
  • The security of macOS has improved again, with several new tools to enhance the Mac's ability to defend against attacks, including Rapid Security Response, which can easily update the latest security measures between two regular system updates without restarting the system.

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