Aragonite Boox Mira Ink Screen Monitor Firmware Update

Aragonite announced that the Mira series of large-screen ink screen equipment is about to usher in a new upgrade, and the display effect will be greatly improved.

According to the official introduction, in the upcoming new firmware, the table display of Mira series large-screen ink screen devices will be clearer, and the drag afterimage will be lighter; the menu bar icons will be clearer, and the background grayscale will be more obvious; in the graphic content, The text content is more clearly distinguished from the background.

The Aragonite Boox Mira Pro 25.3-inch ink screen display was released last year, priced at 8,999 yuan.

According to reports, Aragonite Boox Mira Pro 25.3-inch ink screen display has a resolution of 3200*1800 and is equipped with self-developed BSR high-brush technology; the body is made of aluminum alloy, and the screen ratio reaches 85%; equipped with a simple design bracket, the screen can be 90 degree rotation.

In terms of interfaces, this ink screen display supports HDMI, DP, Mini HDMI and USB Type-C interfaces. In addition, this monitor is equipped with a pulsator button on the side of the fuselage, which can be used to toggle functions or refresh the screen. The monitor also has dual speakers built into it, the power of which is unknown.

The official said that this professional ink screen monitor is suitable for users who often face the screen for a long time, such as the text editing industry, IT industry, scientific research, and patients suffering from dry eye.

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