ASRock Exposes Intel's Next-Generation Z790 / H770 Motherboard

The model of ASRock's new generation of Intel motherboards has been exposed, and there are still DDR4 models. As shown in the picture above, there are still "D4" models that support DDR4 in ASRock's new generation Z790 motherboards and H770 motherboards.

Intel's next-generation 700 platforms will provide support for the 13th-generation Core. Given that the 13th Gen Core Raptor Lake uses essentially the same architecture as the 12th Gen Core Alder Lake, it's no surprise that it will support DDR4 memory technology.

It is reported that Intel's 13th-generation Core will be launched from the third quarter to the fourth quarter of this year, doubling the number of small cores compared to the 12th-generation Core to 16 .

On the AMD side, the new generation of AM5 motherboards will support DDR5 memory. There are rumors that the Ryzen 7000 will have an AM4 version that supports DDR4 memory, but there has been no reliable news to prove it.

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